Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why An Experienced (i.e. Professional) Officiant is Important - Part II

One of the best reasons to hire your wedding officiant is so that your family and friends can be guests at your wedding and enjoy seeing you tie the knot, rather than "working". 

While it is very exciting and a huge honor to be asked to officiate a wedding for family or for friends, not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of others.  One situation that we have seen come up several times are friends who cancel because they have too many things on their plate for that time and date. We get many inquiries from couples scrambling to find someone because Uncle Joe cancels at the last minute or close to it. Professionals will be there for your wedding ceremony; that's what they do!

Most wedding officiants do not require pre-marital counseling. It can be a great way to look at different aspects of your interaction and communication to get pre-marital counseling and we have some great referrals for this avenue, but we believe that you deserve to make a choice about that. We start with the assumption that you have thought this through and know what you're getting into!

If someone with no experience agrees to do your ceremony you may be writing it yourself. Make that: you'll most likely be writing it yourself. When you hire a professional you can give them your ideas or things you have seen or just let them walk you through the different parts of a ceremony that can be included. 

If you have your heart set on an important person in your life officiating at your wedding, and that person has no experience, consider consulting with a professional to write the ceremony while having your chosen officiant read it at the wedding, this way you get the best of both worlds. 

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