Monday, July 10, 2017

Why An Experienced Officiant is Important

There's an old story about the maintenance man who shows up at the plant late one afternoon because the line has ground to a halt. The plant foreman looks on while the maintenance man stares at the offending piece of equipment for a few minutes, then reaches into his toolbox for a wrench, then tightens a bolt. Problem solved! However, the plant bookkeeper is shocked when he received a bill for $500. He calls the maintenance man, outraged and demands an itemized statement. The next day, he receives the statement:
  • Tightening bolt: $1.00
  • Knowing what bolt to tighten: $499.00
The point of the story, of course, is that he wasn't just being paid for his time on site, but for his knowledge and expertise. Another colorful metaphor that involves wrenches: I own a wrench, a pliers and a few screwdrivers, but that doesn't mean you want me fixing your car!

In the State of Nebraska, the only legal requirement for an officiant is to be a judge or an ordained minister, and Nebraska doesn't make any judgments regarding how you were ordained or who did it. But just because someone is legally able to perform a wedding (has a wrench) doesn't mean that he will do a good job at officiating.

Of course, it's just as legal if Uncle Bob has you say "I do", or if a buddy just signs the marriage license with no ceremony at all, and what's important is that you're married at the end of the day - but if you've invited a couple of hundred people and are having attendants and flower girls and all sorts of pomp, you want your guests to be be glad they didn't just skip the ceremony and head straight for the cash bar. You want someone who will provide you with a ceremony to match the circumstance.

That's us.

We know what works.

We know what doesn't work.

Because we've done almost 600 weddings!

Sure, it's your day, but you have invited a bunch of people to watch - give 'em a show! We take our experience and provide you with a ceremony that is perfect for you.

We know what bolts to tighten!

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