Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cell Phone Cameras

Here's some wedding advice - two cents from your friendly neighborhood wedding officiants:

Ban cell phone cameras from your wedding ceremony!

There's a couple of different reasons for this. One is that you want your family and friends to share the moment with you at that moment. Concentrating on getting a  good picture, or taking a video, distracts the amateur photographer from what is actually going on in favor of collecting an image for later.

Guests taking pictures can also be distracting to the guests who aren't taking pictures, not to mention the bride and groom and officiant. I've performed a few ceremonies where there were so many flashes that I found it difficult to read. There have even been a few weddings where guests got out of their seats and positioned themselves right in front of the bride and groom.

Then there's the professional photographer. They have been contracted to provide the couple with pictures for the wedding. They know where to stand in order to get the best photos, and know how to keep out of everyone's way while doing it. People standing in the aisles (or even leaning into the center aisle) will possibly ruin some shots. A professional photographer recently told me that some of the pictures that he takes are of the guests, it's hard to capture the proud smile of a family member or friend if they're frowning with concentration over a tablet that's blocking their face.

Photographers also take great care to note the light level in the room and adjust their equipment accordingly. Forty flashes going off from all corners of the room will not be helpful!

If you do decide to ban cameras, have your officiant make an announcement in addition to an easy-to-see sign at the entrance to the venue.

Keep cameras in the hands of the professionals!

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