Thursday, August 17, 2017

Outdoor Weddings

Most people who plan outdoor weddings understand that they need a backup location if it rains (or snows!), but most don't consider the other challenges of an outdoor venue. Extreme temperatures can happen when you least expect it. That September day that you just knew would be cool and pleasant? Winter can come early. And summer weddings can bring heat indexes topping 100 degrees. How about where the sun will be in the sky at "I Do" time? A couple whom I married a few years ago scouted out their spot a full year before their wedding to determine whether the sun would be in anyone's eyes and if the guests would be in sun or shade - now that's planning.

It's also a good idea to find out if your location is home to mosquitoes...or bees! Scope out he path that your bridal party will be travelling for the processional, is it flat ground, gravel, pavement or soft grass? The surface will make a difference whether the ladies want to wear heels or not! What about noise? A popular wedding spot here in Lincoln is in a public park at one of the busiest intersection in Lincoln, so not only do you have the traffic sounds, but that of happy families enjoying a day at the park. Add to that - the preferred spot in the park is in front of a waterfall, which usually drowns out the officiant as well as the couple's vows.  There is also a venue where a train occasionally goes by during a wedding; out of sight, but unfortunately not out of earshot. Find out if your officiant has a microphone; if not, renting one would be worth it.

Finally, will your guests be able to find it? Sure, Google maps can get you anywhere, but what if there's no cell service in the area? I've conducted my share of late-starting wedding because someone important to the bride and groom was lost somewhere on the back roads of Nebraska.

Outdoor weddings can be beautiful, but they require an extra layer of planning.

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